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Assessments are the first step to identifying what services would help the individual seeking our services best. At NIRANTAR, we conduct different types of assessments based on the requirement of the family of the individual with autism. The NIRANTAR team provides Screening and Diagnostic Assessments, Functional Skills Assessments and Occupational and Sensory Assessments.

Screening and diagnostic assessments for autism are usually made after detailed interviews with the family members, and after observations of and interactions with the individual with autism. The specific protocol used will depend on the age, skills and interests of the individual, as well as his or her background.

Autism is hallmarked by an uneven skill profile. A functional assessment of the person with autism helps determine the existing skill sets and the future goals. It provides a detailed insight into the current level of performance of the child in various skill areas including motor, communication, speech, imitation, cognition and activities of daily living.

A detailed assessment is made based on a sensory profile questionnaire which addresses all the sensory systems in depth, along with direct observation of the child and feedback from parents. The assessment is conducted by Occupational Therapists who are also trained in Sensory Integration Therapy. This evaluation provides a base for all subsequent occupational and sensory interventions for the child.


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