Nirantar Prayas

Nirantar Prayas’ is the combined effort of like-minded parents to provide for a life full of dignity & respect for their children captained by an experienced special educator & parent – Ms. Madhuchhanda Mishra.

“Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the NIRANTAR PRAYAS is to produce Literate,Responsible citizens capable of learning and applying acdemic and social skills successfully in any life settings.We promote honesty,integrity,and opennes in all.


Continuous effort towards empowering our children.


 Dignity and respect for differently-able.        

Core Value

social  Inclusion and holistic  Development

Our Environment

Our environment is based on right to equality, dignity and respect  for differently able .

Our  programs are based on building skills that optimize the  potential of our inmates and make them integral part of the Society

We ensure no discrimination on the ground of disability.

Give access to a range of in-house, residential and other  community support services, including personal assistance necessary to  support living with due regards to age and gender.

We aspire to protect them from being subject to cruelty, inhuman  and degrading treatment.

Our Services

Our Everyday Schedule

Our  everyday routine start with prayer,followed by national anthem. After that we  do physical exercise  followed by an interactive circle  time ,after that we do lunch,which is followed by class time (where we focus on funtional academics money  concepts,time, simple reading comprehension etc.),after that we have a work time  and fun time.

Outdoor Activities

We  take our children to Malls,Parks, metro rides ,  movies to give them exposure  and spread  awareness  and prepare  them for social situations.

We also visit corporate houses and give exposure to our children in different situations

Pre-Vocational Skilling

Our pre-vocational program has been planned to find interest inclinations,abilities and give knowledge of functional academics,develop personal competences and prepare them for the requirements from the world of works.


We welcome visitors from various section to spent quality time with our students.

Vocational Training

We prepare our inmates to work in sheltered workshops  as well as in house personnels. 

Sports Activities

Sports activities help in reducing stress and enhances the moods of our students.


India is a land of festival, we use them as moment of social interaction.


Our Current Gamut & Activities Include

Social Activity

Assembly Time

Functional Academic

Money Concept

Yoga & Exercise Classes

Computer Education

Life Skills Training

Developing Leisure Skills

Special Education



What Parents are Saying

“As a parent I felt that Nirantar Prayas’ structured set up and teachers are going to help in the progress of my son. Have already observed progress in a) receptive communication b) more willingness to do puzzles n typing works during Computer sessions, c) more calmness during outdoor trips/ visits to public places.”

Monika (Parent)

“Nirantar Prayas is an organisation close to my heart as it deals with specially abled children, an effort that I am truly passionate about. It fills me with joy and pride to be associated with this institution that is continuously making an effort to improve the lives of children and parents. As the Nirantar Prayas family grows, I hope to remain an integral part of it and not just help the students learn necessary skills, but also be inspired from the individual journeys of each and every member of this family. Worked as Individual volunteer

Amlan Patro (Consultant Master Card)

“I am Sanghamitra Biswal, mother of Anish. I along with my husband have been associated with Nirantar Prayas since its inception. Our son is also attending the same centre from its beginning. We have been lending our support both physically and financially to the Nirantar Prayas Organisation to the extent possible. Since, this is a non-profit NGO, we have been actively involved for the development of the children along with whatever financial support possible by us. We wish all the further improvements of our Organisation so that more children are included into the same. Wish all the best to all of us and our kids.”

Sanghamitra Biswal (Parent)

“The innocent smile and expression on each special child’s face unravelled a new dimension to my life.”

Ladies Club (BPCL, NoidaNoida spent day with our students on Children’s Day – November 14, 2018)

“My experience was beautiful and soul-touching. It was my first time that I visited the autistic school. There I felt that they are not disabled they are specially-abled.

Students were so sweet and innocent, they taught us, we should appreciate every small thing in our life that we always overlooked.

We spent almost 2 hours there and center management showed us how they trained them on various day-to-day activities, how they study, carry out vocational training, etc. A memorable experience for me to become a part of the CSR event.”

– Pooja Khandelwal


“It was my first ever CSR activity.

For me, It was a completely different experience to visit Autistic school and to meet, play and spent some time with special children. Every child was different and despite some disability they were all happy. They were excited to meet us and I had a wonderful time with them.

I learnt that “to be happy is not a difficult thing” so be happy in every situation. I am very happy to part of that event”

– Mukesh Semwal

“It was an amazing experience spending time with such wonderful people. I felt so positive after meeting them as they were full of energy and enthusiasm. Their gesture brought smile on everyone’s face and I got humbled with their gratitude. They knew the true meaning of how to live their life happily and they taught this to us as well”

– Vidhi Madhan

“It was a wonderful experience for me right from the beginning – planning the event, finalizing the autistic school with other team members and ensuring that everything goes well. It was my first time that I contributed to any such community service event and I feel so happy to have volunteered, visit the school, doing my bit and bringing a smile on their faces. Thoroughly enjoyed the games, dance, food and the time I spent with them. They were very welcoming, sweet, and talented bunch of students. I was amazed to know how brilliant these kids are, as they make many products on their own, including but not limited to, – paper plates, newspaper envelope, flour (grind wheat to flour), do stitching, make tea, etc.

Overall, I felt amazing and believe that we should always be thankful for the life we are living and be grateful for every ability we have! 😊

– Ankita Chawla

“That day I realized that there exists a world which is far away from competition, greed and corruption. The sole aim of which is to spread happiness among its members and to embrace what almighty has offered it.

“HAPPINESS” is in itself a complex term due to its dependency on human wants but to them (people in Autistic school), it only meant to live a normal life – doing basic activities and keep it going.

After spending almost 2 hours with them, I felt that the most significant thing they want is – to be cared and to be noticed”

– Radhika Bhardwaj


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